Craps rules to win and play like a pro

Craps rules to win any gambler

Craps, or in other words “dice”, is one of mankind’s favorite gambling games. Dice were played in Ancient Egypt, so the game can be considered ancient, proven over the centuries and taking root in any century. The definition of “dice” is not entirely true, because many games use dice. But on the other hand, dice are the only items in the player’s hands that determine the outcome of bets.

For craps, two hexagonal bones are used with markings from 1 to 6. The table used for craps is specially marked, has high sides to prevent the bones from flying out of it. The game is unique in that up to 20 players can participate in craps at the same time. One of them (shooter) rolls the dice, and the rest put money on the outcome.

How to play and get the best chance of winning

The game is designed for guessing: the participants are trying to guess how much of the two dice will be obtained after the shooter’s throw, and make an appropriate bet. Many players try to derive mathematically a diagram of potential wins. Thrown bones should hit the opposite side of the table.

When the bones fly out of the table, the croupier checks the condition of the bones and decides whether to enter a new set or continue with the old one. Craps, whose rules are simple, can be played by several players, but shoot one. If the shooter loses, he (or the dealer) passes the dice to the next one to the left of the loser.

Craps strategies that allow you to win

1-3-2-6 craps system

The basic concept of the 1-3-2-6 system is based on a change in the size of the bet. The player bets 1 unit on the “Pass Line” or “Don’t Pass” and wins, in the next round the player bets 3 units. If he wins again, then he reduces the bet to 2 units. And, in the end, if the player wins again, then he puts 6 units. Moreover, a win is a prerequisite for switching to any of the following stages of a given system, in case of a defeat at any of the stages, a player starts passing this system from the very beginning.

Progression 31 system for craps

To use this system, a player will need an amount equal to 31 bets. The game according to the system is terminated if the player loses this amount or reaches a positive balance. After that, the player can start from the beginning. The system has its own progression of raising bets when losing: 1 – 1 – 1 – 2 – 2 – 4 – 4 – 8 – 8. If the player wins, then doubles the bet. A positive balance using this system is achieved by the player when winning two bets in a row.

Types of craps online slots that are popular with players

Rules of craps should be known to every player who wants to increase their chances of winning this popular game. There are several main types of game slots in craps, so before you start the game, you will need to carefully familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. Craps rules for dummies can significantly increase the chances of winning.

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